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Oak Ridge LEGO Blasters Awarded in Washington, DC

It’s a honor the Oak Ridge Middle School LEGO Blasters Team will remember for the rest of their lives!.

They have returned from Washington, DC, where they were presented with the President’s Environmental Youth Award for their invention, the Ecommode. Oak Ridge was chosen to represent the US Environmental Protection Agency – Region 7. Region 7 represents Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

In presenting the nomination for the national award, the agency spokesperson said, “The Oak Ridge LEGO Blasters have shown exemplary commitment to conservation and ingenuity and resourcefulness in their Ecommode design.”

Oak Ridge (2)

Members of the 2017-18 Oak Ridge Middle School LEGO balsters team and their water saving toliet

The Ecommode is an eco-friendly, urine-collecting toilet. The students designed it to significantly reduce the amount of clean water needed for its operation.

Oak Ridge Ecommode Award 2(1)
Congratulations to the Oak Ridge LEGO Blasters and their adviser, Cathy Beke, on a job well done!!