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School Board Adopts Temporary Measures Regarding Virus

The Linn-Mar Board of Education met in special session via teleconference Monday, March 23, 2020.

The board unanimously approved a resolution regarding temporary changes in board policy in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In approving the resolution, the board agreed to pay hourly staff members, including educational assistants, food services workers, and custodians, during the closure through April 10th. The board plans to reevaluate this portion of the resolution if the school closure extends beyond that time. Teachers are under contract and will be paid during the shutdown.

Meanwhile, in the interest of public health, the board agreed to potentially limit the number of people who can physically attend board meetings during the pandemic. The board instead encourages the public to view all minutes and exhibits on the school board/policy website. Members of the public are always welcome to submit written comments to the board.

The resolution also formally addresses closure guidelines as issued through the governor’s office and the Iowa Department of Public Health.

The complete resolution can be found here.