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S.T.O.P Raises Awareness Against Texting and Driving

The Linn-Mar High School Group Standing Together Opposing Phones While Driving sells wristbands to raise awareness to the dangers of texting and drivingOne year ago today (November 3, 2016), Linn-Mar experienced the tragic loss of students Selena Apodaca and Isabella Severson from a car accident.

Today, Linn-Mar High School students and members of the Marion Police Department marked the anniversary by selling wristbands to raise awareness of their cause. The group also asked students to take a pledge not to text and drive. Students and staff also signed their name on a purple ribbon in remembrance.

The group Standing Together Opposing Phones (S.T.O.P.) While Driving was formed in the weeks following the tragic accident. The group was created to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving (especially texting and driving).

Since the creation of S.T.O.P., the group has worked to help change the law from texting while driving to a primary offense. With the change, law enforcement can now pull over drivers texting while driving.