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Supplemental State Aid Letter

Members of the Linn-Mar School Board sent a letter to the Senate Education Committee requesting 5% in Supplemental State Aid (SSA) opposed to the 2.25% that is proposed.

“The continued funding of SSA at less than 4% will hurt more Iowa students and make it more difficult for public school districts to provide the level of education Iowans have come to expect. It will also hurt the development of Iowa’s future workforce, which we know is important to the success of our community and state. Respectfully, we ask you to provide full and equitable funding for Iowa public schools, beginning with 5% SSA, so we can prepare our students to be competitive and prepared for the world when they leave our halls.”

The House and Senate have yet to agree on a final SSA number together. The legislature missed their deadline for determining SSA for next year, so until the SSA is set, Linn-Mar will continue to advocate on this matter.

SSA Funding Letter for Senente Educ Committee