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Thank You, Transportation Department- School Bus Safety Week

During this School Bus Safety Week, we want to take the time to salute the men and women who make sure our students are transported safely.

The Linn-Mar Transportation Department consists of about 80 people who are dedicated to providing an emotionally and physically safe environment for our students. This includes six full-time staff in the shop and office, and approximately 75 drivers and attendants.

Proper training and credentials are key to become a Linn-Mar bus driver.
The job requires a Class B Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with passenger and school bus endorsements.

The Iowa Department of Transportation requires all drivers to complete its School Transportation Operators Program (STOP) training. It consists of 14.5 hours of online training, a certification test, and 3 hours of classroom training. For a total of 17.5 hours.
A physical examination is required at least every two years. Applicants must also complete pre-employment drug testing and a nationwide background check.

The Linn-Mar transportation department works to assist qualified individuals with the CDL training necessary to become a bus driver. This involves 20 to 30 hours of hands-on training. It includes the pre-trip safety inspection, which is required every time a bus goes out on the road, training on proper backing and maneuvering skills, and road driving experience.
Road driving is split into three parts. 12 hours ride along training, 12 hours supervised driving and 8 hours attendant training.

In addition, all drivers must complete three hours of state-required in-service training each year! Drivers also participate in various other training sessions and events throughout the school year.

Thank you, bus drivers, for everything you do to help keep our Linn-Mar Lions safe!