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Westfield Access Limited Due to Driveway Work

The driveway and parking areas at Westfield Elementary look like the trails of the Old West, as crews work to replace the crumbling asphalt driveway and parking lot with new concrete. The project is set for completion in early August.

Right now, visitor access to the building is limited. There is some parking on the back side of the building. Guests are asked to use door 5, the cafeteria/playground entrance.

Better yet, the phone number at Westfield is 319-447-3350.

Barricade at Westfield Elementary

The trails of the Old West at Westfield

Door 5 at Westfield

Westfield Visitors are asked use Door 5.
It’s the Cafeteria Entrance.

Westfiled entrance blocked due to construction

The main entrance at Westfield is closed due to construction.