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Westfield Murals to Travel Around the World

All 604 student artists at Westfield will have their work shown in cities across the country and around the world.

The traveling mural was part of a collaborative project with art and the library at Westfield.

The students were introduced to the project in the library with Mrs. Wegmann by reading the book, Maybe Something Beautiful by Isabel Campoy.

Then, during Mr. Brandt’s art class each student designed a self-portrait. The portraits were assembled into two 10-foot displays then cut into one-foot sections. Westfield kept one of these sections from each display and the other nine pieces were sent to other schools that signed up to participate.

Those schools will send Westfield one piece of their murals to assemble into a new mural of all ten schools.

Westfield Students Admire their Mural Westfield Students Admire their Mural 2Westfield Students Admire their Mural 3Westfield Students Admire their Mural 4

Parts of mural one, made up of 302 self-portraits, will go to Madrid, Spain; Donna, Texas; Green Bay, WI; New Oxford, PA; Copley, OH; College Station, TX; Wakarusa, KS; Burgaw, NC; and Phillipsburg, NJ. The Second mural also made up of 302 self-portraits, will go to Green Bay, WI; Kauai, HI; Springfield, MO; Norwalk, CT; Springfield, MO; Spartanburg, SC; Springfield, MO; Bandera, TX; and Palm Bay, FL.

Westfield also kept a copy of their entire mural to put on display as well.

Congratulations to our talented artists!