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World Recognition for Oak Ridge LEGO League!

At the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Razorback Open Invitational at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, four Oak Ridge Middle School students, “The LEGO Blasters”, were recognized with a 1st place alliance trophy.IMG 20220523 102850

The Oak Ridge team was in some elite company They were among 80 teams from around the world who achieved significant recognition in their own region. 

Our Lego Blasters were called back for a second interview for their innovative project but did not receive an award. Only 30 of the 80 teams were called back for a second interview.


In the alliance challenge, the Blasters were teamed up with FSINGENIUM Team from Spain.

Both teams ran their robots at the same time against two other teams in the double-elimination tournament. The alliance lost once in the final round, then went on to beat the last surviving team twice to snatch the victory!

Their alliance partner, FSINGENIUM, took first place overall in the FLL completion.

Congratulations Oak Ridge LEGO Blasters