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Planning for the Future: Linn-Mar’s New Performance Venue

Performance center exterior

Construction- Spring, 2024 – November, 2025
Opening – Fall, 2025
Location: Adjacent to the existing high school auditorium on 10th St.

A Snapshot Look:


Linn-Mar high school has more than 1,200  students enrolled in music classes throughout the year, including those students who participate in both vocal and band.  Many of these same students also are in extra-curricular music activities such as show choir, jazz band, etc..  Additionally there are more than 100 students involved in the district’s drama or thespian activities, ranging from student performers to those assisting with technical assistance.


In the spring of 2024 the district had more than 60 events scheduled in the auditorium and Little Theatre, its two current auditorium spaces. 


Eighty percent of those events currently scheduled are associated with Linn-Mar High School, and only 20 percent are activities for intermediate and middle school students. The current space has limited the district’s ability to allow for more intermediate and middle school events.

300 – 800

Little Theatre can seat approximately 300 patrons, and the district’s current auditorium can seat 800. At any given high school performance, the patrons are often standing room only. The new venue will seat 1,200 patrons.

Potential Space:

Construction on a new performance venue will begin in spring, 2024, near the Linn-Mar High School’s existing auditorium. The new space will have seating for 1,200 patrons, and will be better suited to accommodate both district and community uses of the district’s performing space.