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Venture Levels of Engagement

We understand that there are varying levels of availability for businesses and professionals to participate in Venture so we have created various levels of engagement. Please choose the option that works best for you.

If you are interested in the 1-4 engagement levels below (class visit, tour, advisor, mentor), you will be added to our database and we will reach out to you when we find a match with a class/project idea. If you select the level 5 (partner) and would like to provide a project, Elyssa McDowell, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator, will reach out to you to schedule a meeting to discuss details and answer any questions you might have.

Once you have reviewed the engagement levels below, please click on either the local Marion business form or the Linn-Mar Alumni or Parent/Volunteer form below to begin your participation in Venture.

Class Visit

Share personal experience in your field of expertise. Come with material prepared but anticipate student questions as well.
Commitment: 1-2 hours, one-time visit


Students come to your workplace and learn about what you do.
Commitment: 2-3 hours, one-time tour


Advises technical details of projects. Provides expertise and willing to share knowledge or skills. Students may reach out to an advisor once or twice during a project to get specific questions answered. For example, you work in a recording studio. Behavioral science strand students are working on a project to create a podcast regarding mental health issues that teens face. They might reach out to you to ask questions about the best recording software, microphones, or studio set up.
Commitment: As needed up to 1 hour a week


Advises technical details of projects. Provides expertise and willing to share knowledge or skills. Facilitate contacts and helps students identify resources. Provides guidance, motivation, and role modeling for those interested in pursuing careers in the field.

For example, you are a mental health counselor that regularly records podcasts regarding mental health. You may start out in an advisor capacity helping behavioral science students with their podcast project but as you interact with students you decide you would like to be more involved so you step into a mentor role and consistent interact with students while they complete their project.
Commitment: 2 hours a week


Facilitates contacts, helps students identify resources, and assists students in realizing the goals of a project.  Project ideas may be generated by either student or partner, but the project itself is designed to be of direct benefit to the partner. Partners may contribute financially to achieve outcomes.

For example, you head up an organization that partners with schools to counsel students with mental illness. You have been wanting to create content for students to reference but haven’t had time to develop it. You create a project idea that includes a few ideas for podcast topics and pitch it to students. You offer your knowledge during the project and connect students to other counselors/professionals that can support the process.


If you are interested in being a business partner for the Venture program please fill out this form.

If you are a Linn-Mar Alumni or parent/volunteer please click here to fill out the Linn-Mar Form.