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New Schools and Development Bring Bus Route Changes

One thing that has remained constant for nearly all of the district’s 71 years, is new neighborhood development.

When the district was established, there were no sidewalks or even paved streets anywhere near our first building (our current LRC). All students were required to ride the bus to school. As new buildings were constructed in developing neighborhoods, the school board changed the “bus only” policy in the late 1960’s when Wilkins Elementary became the district’s first “walkable” school.

Since the very beginning, the district transportation department has worked diligently to keep up with the growth and adjust bus routes accordingly.

Since our last analysis of busing boundaries, a number of areas within the district have seen recent public improvement and development. Some of those improvements now provide safe walking routes and routes that fall within the requirements of state law with regard to distance from attendance centers.

With the opening of our two new intermediate buildings, Boulder Peak and Hazel Point, it was the perfect opportunity to once again reassess our bus routes throughout the district for maximum efficiency.  The neighborhoods around our two new building sites are developing quickly, providing safe “walk zones” for our 5th and 6th grade students.  

Boulder Peak Walk Zone

Boulder Peak Walk Zone


Hazel Point Walk Zone

Hazel Point Walk Zone

Throughout the district, as more sidewalks are added and improved safe routes are established, some students who have previously received busing services will no longer be offered district provided transportation. Families living in those areas have been notified in a letter from our Transportation Department.

Meanwhile, in an effort to reduce vehicle traffic at the high school, bus service will be expanded to accomodate high school students living east of 35th street in the Willowood area. The expanded service zone is shown in the map below.

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Bus service provided for HS students in this area.

All bus route changes are set to begin at the start of the 2020-2021 school year. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or call our transportation department at 319-447-3030.