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Bowman Woods  Elementary


bowman woods school building151 Boyson Road NE
Cedar Rapids IA 52402

Main Office:
(319) 447-3240
Attendance Office: (319) 447-3242
Fax:  (319) 373-2592

Grades: PreK thru 4th Grade
Enrollment: 381 as of Sept. 30, 2022

K-4 School Hours: 8:30 AM to 3:15 PM

Contact Information

Name Title Direct Phone Number Email
Tina March Principal (319) 447-3241 Email
Chisa Carolin Building Secretary (319) 447-3240 Email
Matt Hantz School Counselor (319) 447-3244 Email
Ann Matthews Attendance/Counselor’s Secretary (319) 447-3242 Email
Val Lawrence School Facilitator (319) 447-3208 Email
Tammy DeVries Student Assistance Specialist (319) 447-3436 Email
Sarah Roberts Health Assistant (319) 447-3243 Email
Danielle Allensworth School Nurse (319) 200-1596 Email


If your student will be absent from school, please call the school office (447-3242) by 8:30 AM. If it is necessary for your student to leave school during school hours, a written note should be sent to your student’s teacher. Students will not be called to the office before parents/guardians arrive to pick them up, so please give yourself a few extra minutes when picking up your students. Students must be signed out in the office. When returning to school, the student must report to the office before returning to their classroom.

For the safety of the students and staff, all students arriving after 8:30 AM, whether they are tardy or coming from an appointment, are required to be escorted and signed into school by an adult.


 For the protection of our students and staff, EVERYONE is required to sign in at the office.

Before & After School Care

Hand in Hand is the daycare provider at Bowman Woods. You can contact the main office at (319) 377-5686. If you are needing to talk to the Bowman Woods site please call (319) 531-6055.

Code of Cooperation – ‘The Pride Starts Here’

  • P  Promote Positive Attitudes
  • R  Respect Yourself and Others
  • I  Insist on Your Personal Best
  • D  Discuss and Listen Actively
  • E  Expect Honesty and Be Trustworthy