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Kathleen Kelley


The following highlight was provided by 10th grade student, Meradith Jasper.

Ms. Kelley takes time out of her day to interact with all of her students. She supports all ways of academic learning and enjoys learning how to work with all the kids going through her room. She keeps in contact with many of her students and loves hearing about what we are doing with our lives.

Ms. Kelley has a heart that loves teaching and caring and she is one of the only people I know who can do both. She likes to be open with us so we know we can come to her if we are struggling with personal or academic problems.

She is always making sure her classroom is a safe room for all of the students in the building. Ms. Kelley knows how to teach in a way that makes everyone enjoy learning. She creates supportive environments by giving strong feedback and allowing us the freedom to enjoy writing.

The learning experience in her room is healthy and beneficial to many people’s learning.