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Nadine Grieder

Nadine Grieder

Nadine Grieder is one of the unsung heroes of the Linn-Mar Community School District.

Nadine is officially designated as the Mail Delivery Person, but she is so much more.

Her pleasant smile and positive approach is contagious as she goes about her route to fourteen Linn-Mar attendance centers and support buildings. We can’t begin to guess the “number of steps” she records everyday.

Nadine is always there to answer questions about shipping and receiving packages, bulk mailings and inter-office deliveries.

She is truly an expert at tracking down that “super-important package” that accidently gets shipped to the wrong building or address.

As an added bonus, she pleasantly assists district guests who have gone astray while attempting to find a specific Linn-Mar building or event.  

Nadine has a special place in her heart for the hardworking students at the Linn-Mar Success Center. She gets to know the kids and encourages them as they manage new life skills each day.

The Success Center students asked her to speak at their 2017 graduation ceremony. Nadine, never one to seek the limelight, nervously agreed not wanting to disappoint the kids.

Nadine is respected, appreciated and loved throughout the Linn-Mar Community. She is well deserving of this month’s Linn-Mar highlight.