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Planning for the Future: Modifying the LRC to Extend High School Programs

Construction- Summer, 2024
Opening – Fall, 2024
Location: located at the corner of 10th St. and 29th Ave. at 2999 10th St. Marion, Iowa

A Snapshot Look:

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) was the first building constructed as part of the Marion Rural Independent School, what is now the Linn-Mar Community School District. The building is centrally located on the Linn-Mar campus and has served many roles over the years: it’s been an elementary, middle and high school for the district, and most recently has housed central office staff.

Beginning in the summer of 2024 the current LRC will be modified to accommodate the needs of Venture Academics, ATLAS and Compass, and will be ready to accommodate more than 400 students this fall.


In its first year the Venture Academics program supported about 90 high schoolers, but for the 2024-25 year the high school has more than 300 students registered for Venture project-based learning courses.


Compass is the district’s alternative high school that also supports students from both Linn-Mar and Marion CSD through a sharing agreement. Compass provides a smaller high school environment, schedule flexibility, and other accommodations to support students who benefit from an alternative high school program. The district expanded Compass to support 10th graders in addition to 11th and 12th grades. Together the two districts have 110 students attending the program.


 ATLAS (Achieving Transition through Learning, Advancement and Success) is a Linn-Mar program that supports children living at the Four Oaks residential facility in Marion. The district previously supported nine students in the Atlas program and has seen that number double.