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4th Graders Give Prize Money to Charity

Recently the Linn Grove Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) held a contest to see which classroom could bring in the most Hy-Vee Receipts.

The Hy-Vee Cash 4 Students fundraising program allows schools to earn money by collecting receipts.

The winning Linn Grove classroom was given their choice of celebration, with a maximum limit of $50. Typically in the past classrooms chose things like pizza, ice cream, popcorn/movie celebration, or indoor recess items for their classroom. Mrs. Rasmussen’s 4th-grade class won this year’s contest and their response to how they wanted to celebrate was truly heartwarming.

Mrs. Rasmussen turned the control over to her students to decide how they’d like to celebrate. The students had amazing discussions and even did some research and decided they wanted to donate a majority of their winnings to a charity.

After all the discussions, it was nominated to donate $20 to a Donut Party – The class researched and $20 would be enough to get each classmate 2 munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. $30 would then go to a charity. Mrs. Rasmussen said, “We spent a lot more time deciding whether it be a donation to a hospital for kids or an animal shelter!”.

Mrs. Rasmussen was so moved by the children’s multiple days of debate, she decided to donate a donut party, leaving the kids with the entire $50 to go to charity.

The final decision was to donate $25 to Last Hope Animal Rescue and $25 to Unity Point-St. Luke’s Hospital. The students were pretty adamant that Mrs. Rasmussen find pediatric patients who would benefit from the $25 donation.

We congratulate Mrs. Rasmussen and her class for their generosity and thank Linn Grove Student Support Teacher Mrs. Sellner for sharing this story with our Linn-Mar Community.

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