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Linn-Mar Looks Ahead

The Linn-Mar School District actively updates facility plans to meet the future needs of our students and community. This Lions Learning session provides a high level overview of the plan.

Broad Look Beginning in 2021

The district’s 10-year Capital Plan, updated in March of 2021, provided a broad look at potential needs over the next decade. This plan included the passing of a 2018 bond issue to fund the building of two new intermediate buildings. These new buildings house the district’s fifth and sixth grades, alleviating crowding in the district’s elementary and middle school buildings.

Boulder Peak Intermediate

Hazel Point Intermediate

exterior images of boulder peak and hazel point intermediate buildings Completed in 2020

First Phase Projects

With the construction of Boulder Peak and Hazel Point Intermediate addressing needs in the district’s K-8 grade buildings, the district’s facilities committee shifted its focus to address parking needs in the district and additional projects at the high school main campus. These priorities were outlined in the district’s five-year facilities plan, which was approved by the Linn-Mar school board and released in April 2022. The plan includes two phases, with the first phase’s targeting completion in the fall of 2025.

Excelsior Middle School Parking

Improved parking lot design improved parking and traffic congestion.

Excelsior Driveway Completed in 2022

High School Parking

Expanding the North parking lot at the high school added nearly 200 spots for school activities and events.

New HS North Parking Lot 2023 Completed in 2023

High School Tennis Courts

The district relocated the high school tennis courts by creating an eight-court complex, located adjacent to the existing baseball/softball facilities at Oak Ridge Middle School.

Linn-Mar Tennis complex Completed in 2024

Additional Phase One Projects

Construction underway.

Scheduled to be completed in Fall, 2024.

Construction underway.

Scheduled to be completed in Fall, 2025.

Second Phase Projects

The second phase of the five-year facility plan began in 2024, with completion tentatively set for the fall of 2027.

Modifications underway.

Scheduled to be completed in Fall, 2024.

  • Indoor activity center – The five-year facility plan includes a multi-use space to better accommodate demand for additional indoor recreational space. This center would support athletic team practices and other indoor activities and events.
This project is currently in the design phase.

Completion schedule is not yet available.

  • Additions to the high school south parking lot – District projections indicate that there may be a need for additional parking near the high school. The 2024 relocation of the high school tennis courts to a new tennis complex near Oak Ridge frees up the space currently used for tennis courts for potential high school parking if needed.
This project is tentative and will be based on need.

Completion schedule is not yet available.