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Celebrating National School Lunch Week

Westfield School Lunch Week - Super HeroesWe want to give a huge shout out to the men and women of the Linn-Mar Nutrition Services Team in observance of National School Lunch Week.

At Linn-Mar, a group of  nearly 90 people, including substitutes, work tirelessly to provide an average of almost five thousand lunches and over 550 breakfasts to Linn-Mar students in thirteen buildings across the district each school day!

Several kitchens throughout the district are celebrating with dress-up days and other fun activities.

Today’s school lunches meet strict nutrition standards, including limits on calories, sodium, and unhealthy fats.

Nationwide, thanks to the National School Lunch Program, more than 30 million students enjoy healthy lunches every school day.

Linn-Mar School Meals BY THE NUMBERS (Average Per YeBoulder Peak School lunch week super heroesar) 

  • Apple Slice servings: 36,800
  • Crispitos served (middle and high school): 24,768
  • Chicken Strips served: 30,240
  • Hot Dogs served: 59,280
  • Ranch Dressing: 1,312 gallons