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Due to the forecasted weather, all after school and evening activities at Linn-Mar will be canceled/postponed.

District Statement: Enactment of IA Senate File 482

The Linn-Mar Community School District strives at all times to be a welcoming environment for all students, employees, families, and visitors. With the enactment of Senate File 482, all individuals in the District will be required to use bathrooms, changing rooms, and other facilities defined in the law, in accordance with that individual’s biological sex. As a public school district, the District is required to comply with this law, which goes into effect immediately.

Any student who, for any reason, desires greater privacy when using the restroom, changing rooms, and other facilities defined in the law, should submit a written request to their building principal, which must be signed by the student’s parent or guardian. The building administrator will evaluate the request and will, to the extent reasonable, offer alternative arrangements consistent with the new Iowa law. The District is committed to responding to all requests in a manner that respects and honors the dignity of each individual.

The District is aware that this new law, as well as other proposed bills pending in the Iowa legislature, will significantly impact Board Policy 504.13-R, Administrative Regulations Regarding Transgender and Students Nonconforming to Gender Role Stereotypes. The District remains committed to educating all students in a safe and supportive learning environment within the boundaries of federal and state law. At this time, the District is deferring enforcement of Board Policy 504.13-R in order to review this policy in light of current and anticipated changes to the law.

Students and parents/guardians who wish to request support or accommodations from their student’s school may contact the building principal to discuss. A revised Board Policy 504.13-R will be considered by the Board at an appropriate public meeting in the future. Protections against discrimination, bullying, and harassment on the basis of sex or gender identity remain in full force and effect under Board Policies 103.1, 104.1, and 104.3