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Highlights from the November 20th Board of Education Meeting

Below are highlights of the November 20th Board of Education meeting.
Please remember, these are just highlights and should not be considered the official minutes.

During the Board of Education regular meeting the focus of discussion centered on Iowa BIG’s open house and the Iowa Association of School Board’s annual conference.

Nearly 200 people attended the open house that took place at Iowa BIG’s Boyson Road location. Board members were thrilled to see the enthusiasm and passion each student displayed for the community-based projects they are currently working on. The board was also quite happy to see how core work has carried over into the student projects.

An update was also provided on the recent School Improvement Advisory Committee meeting where special education data was discussed in addition to changes to federal and state initiatives. The district’s Differentiated Accountability designation for 2017-18, as well as the state’s plan for 2018-19, was also a topic of discussion by the group.

Board members shared highlights of their attendance at the 72nd Annual Iowa Association of School Boards Conference. The board was very thankful to the district for providing them the opportunity to attend and several board members commented on the knowledge and valuable insights gained by attending the conference. New board members were thankful to the business office for presenting important financial information during their recent orientation sessions as this background knowledge enabled them to better understand the IASB sessions related to school finances.

Highlights from the 17.11.20 Board Book were also discussed during the meeting including an update on Standards Based Grading at the middle school level, STEM Day at the high school, and an update on the Elementary Homework Committee.

The next Board of Education regular meeting will be held Monday, December 11th at 5:00 pm. (There will not be a work session so board members may attend the holiday concert at the high school.) To view the full agenda and exhibits, visit the Board/Policy website.