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UPDATED – Important Message to Linn-Mar Students, Parents and Staff


To LMHS Students, Parents, and Staff:

(April 12, 2017)

This is a follow-up to the email message sent late last night addressing concerns from text and email rumors regarding messages that had been received by students. These messages became a rumor of a possible shooting at the school on Wednesday.
I want to inform everyone that we have an admission to the original messages that caused the subsequent rumors. There was no real threat to the building at any time. However, we do understand that such rumors can cause anxiety and are upsetting to everyone. We do have Marion Police on site in an effort to help relieve this anxiety. But, I will restate that the original messages have been proven to be false, and we now know who is responsible.
Thank you for your attention and concern to this. We are operating as normal, and are currently taking Iowa Assessments.


To Linn-Mar High School Students, Parents and Staff,

We are communicating with parents, students, and staff because we have had several concerned calls to both school officials and the Marion Police Department regarding online messages made online in the past day.

The messages made a statement asking others to bully someone until the person lashed out and harmed people at school.  This reference has taken many forms since as online discussions occur regarding the messages.  The Marion Police Department and school officials continue to investigate these messages, and there are numerous questions regarding the validity of the messages after speaking with individual students.  While we will continue to take any such messages seriously and work with anyone who has been named in the messages, we do not believe the messages pose a threat to the school.  Despite the rumor, there has been no credible threat made regarding a shooting said to take place at school today.

We thank those who brought these messages to the attention of both school officials and the Marion Police Department.  Please be assured that your students will be safe at school, and the Marion Police will be on site simply to help reassure students and staff of this.