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Linn Grove Student Wins Fire Safety Poster Contest

Congratulations to Linn Grove Elementary 3rd Grader Kristin Fisher. Her fire prevention poster, “Don’t Play With Matches”  was named Best in the City by the Marion Fire Department.


2018 winning fire prevention poster Don't play with matches

3rd grade winner Marion Fire Poster

The department says “All of the third graders in Marion participate in the fire safety poster contest. The goal for students is to have fun drawing the posters while also learning a fire safety message. It would be impossible to judge over 600 posters, so the teachers have to pick just one poster from each classroom to be judged. The Marion Fire Department then chooses the best design from each school and also selects one overall winner for the entire city.”

Winners fire prevention posters

We congratulate all the third graders who took part in the contest and thank the Marion Fire Department for everything they do to keep us safe everyday.