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All Linn-Mar students, Pre-K through 12th grade, will attend classes virtually from Monday, November 30th through Friday, December 11th, 2020. Click Here to learn more.

Linn-Mar A/B Hybrid Schedule for Q2

Here is the Linn-Mar A/B Hybrid Schedule for Quarter 2. (November 16th, 2020 – January 29th, 2021). Click on the calendar below for printable PDF of the full November – January schedule.

Effective Monday, November 16th, all Elementary and Intermediate schools (grades Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade) will be on this Hybrid schedule through Tuesday, December 22nd. Click here for details.

The High School and Middle Schools* will remain on this A/B Hybrid schedule through the end of Quarter 2. *Excelsior Middle School is currently virtual,  but will return to Hybrid on November 30th. Click here for details.

LM Hybrid Schedule Quarter 2

Linn-Mar A/B Hybrid Schedule for Quarter 2