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Milk Quality and Products and Dairy Cattle Evaluation Teams Perform at State

Written by: Alexis Peckenscheinder

A couple of weeks ago Seth Crow Schrader participated in the State Milk Quality and Products Career Development Event (CDE) and Zach Byers participated in the State Dairy Cattle Evaluation CDE.  Both contests were held at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Manchester.   

Seth Crow Schrader received a bronze rating in the State Milk Quality and Products competition.   He determined defects and the intensity of each defect affecting 10 different milk samples, identified cheeses, and dairy and nondairy products.  He also completed a knowledge test related to the processing and marketing of milk and dairy products. 

Zach Byers earned a bronze rating in the State Dairy Cattle Evaluation CDE.  He took a knowledge exam related to production practices used by farmers, evaluated six classes of dairy heifers and cows, gave a set of oral reasons, and evaluated DHIA production records and pedigrees. 

Mikel Brown volunteered to be a Dairy Handler.  For the first time ever, he led a dairy animal around the show ring (while other FFA members in the State Dairy Cattle Evaluation CDE were judging the animals) after being trained by a dairy cattle exhibitor and FFA member from the North Fayette Valley FFA Chapter.   

Linn-Mar FFA members also participated the Northeast District Dairy Cattle Evaluation CDE and one team participated in the Tri-Star Dairy Cattle Judging Contest, both contests were held on the same day at Northeast Iowa Community College just south of Calmar.  Members of the varsity team were Paige Adams, Riley Hildebrand and Ekta Modha.  Members of the freshman team were Kyle Kaas, Kaden McNeese, and Mason Fishel.  Participants judged four classes of cattle and took a dairy production knowledge exam. 

Four members participated in the Northeast District Milk Quality and Products CDE.  They were Seth Crow Schrader, Alexis Peckenschneider, Josh Moores, and Ashtyn Diekman.  Diekman placed 10th individually.  They each determined defects affecting the quality of milk identified cheeses and dairy and nondairy products.  Participants also completed a knowledge test related to the processing and marketing of milk and dairy products.