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Nearly a Century of Service to Linn-Mar!

Members of the Linn-Mar community said thank you and farewell to board members Sondra Nelson and Clark Weaver at the November 20th annual meeting. Sondra and Clark chose to step down after serving eight years on the board.

Their time with the Linn-Mar Community goes back much further than their years on the board. Clark began teaching at Linn-Mar in 1974  after serving two years in Colo in central Iowa.  He was wrapping up his first year on the job as a PE teacher at Linn-Mar High School when Sondra Nelson joined the team of elementary school teachers at Bowman Woods in 1975.

Sondra and Clark obviously enjoyed their jobs. Sondra chose to continue her role as a second-grade teacher at Bowman Woods for forty years until she “retired” in May of 2015. In September of that year, she was elected to the school board.  Clark “retired” in 2008 after teaching PE his entire career. Along with Sondra, he was elected to the school board in 2015. During their service on the board, Sondra served as president for four years. Clark was vice president of the board when he chose not to seek re-election.

For five decades, these two educators have been unsung heroes shaping the minds of generations who passed through our halls.  Clark is quick to point out that three of his former students, CJ McDonald, Chad Buchholz, and Lori Manley are now building principals at Linn-Mar. “Sondra and Clark’s commitment of 48 and 49 years to this district is nothing short of extraordinary. They didn’t just teach subjects; they instilled values, forged character, and guided so many of our Linn-Mar Lions to reach their highest potential.” said district superintendent Amy Kortemeyer.

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Their transition from teachers to board members was a title change, but their enthusiastic dedication to all Linn-Mar students was evident as they continued to connect with kids during student-guided school tours and other school board activities. Sondra and Clark embody the true spirit of teaching. We hope that their “second retirement” is as rewarding and fulfilling as the countless lives that they have touched here at Linn-Mar.