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Nominations Now Accepted for the 2020 Linn-Mar Athletic Hall of Fame

Linn-Mar is looking for the next group of men and women to be chosen for the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:
1. ATHLETES – Must be out of school six years or more:
Must have participated in athletics at Linn-Mar
Must be a good citizen in their adult life

2. COACH or ADMINISTRATOR – No longer coaching in that sport at Linn-Mar:
No longer an administrator at Linn-Mar. Must be out of the position six years or more.

Helps promote Linn-Mar athletics

(Started in 2018-19:) A rotation to get all teams prior to 25 years out is now in place.
State Champion teams that won 25 years ago will automatically be honored on their 25th anniversary.

Candidates are selected on an annual basis by a joint committee comprised of Linn-Mar athletic coaches and administrators. (current and retired)

Parameters to Consider in Selection Process:

1. Selection rules
2. Number of selections will be determined by the selection committee
3. Balance among sports
4. Gender balance
5. Racial balance
6. Balance in time periods represented
7. Accomplishments and citizenship since leaving Linn-Mar
8. Connections with Linn-Mar (relatives, etc.) – “Name recognition” by current LMHS students.

*To nominate an individual, please submit a letter of recommendation by November 22nd with the nominee’s accomplishments, involvement, and relationship to Linn-Mar High School. Please include nominee’s contact information.

Send the letter of recommendation to:
David Brown, Athletic Director
Linn-Mar High School
3111 N Tenth Street
Marion, Iowa 52302