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School Board Votes to Place Revenue Purpose Statement on Ballot

In May 2019, HF 546 was signed into law extending Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) through the calendar year 2050. Under the extension, school districts must vote on a new or amended revenue purpose statement (RPS) prior to the expiration of the current RPS.

The extension of SAVE was an important piece of legislation that will positively impact the district for years to come. SAVE allows school districts to borrow against statewide penny sales tax revenue to help fund school infrastructure projects.

At the September 9, 2019, board meeting, the school board passed a resolution to call an election on November 5th to include the question of adopting a new revenue purpose statement (RPS).

Please note, the RPS is not additional funding or taxation for patrons, but merely an approval to meet the state’s new requirements on how the district can spend revenue from SAVE.

The new language can be found on the Revenue Purpose Statement webpage.