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September 10th School Board Meeting Highlights

Please note these are just highlights and should not be considered the official minutes.

Superintendent Bisgard reported that the August 28th Facilities Advisory Committee discussion focused on the bond informational meeting held at Bowman Woods, satellite voting, and final communications pertaining to the bond. There were approximately 750 votes placed during the September 7th satellite voting event at the Stadium.

Lausen reported that during the September 6th Marion City Council meeting it was announced Council Member Kim Etzel resigned her position and the rezoning of property between Alburnett Road and Irish Drive north of Tower Terrace Road was approved. It was also shared that the event on human trafficking hosted by the City at Linn-Mar High School had approximately 600 people in attendance.

Chief Officer of Human Resources Karla Christian reviewed the procedures for early separation. All employees eligible for early separation will receive written and electronic notification of their eligibility the week of September 17th and the HR office will offer two informational meetings on early separation the week of September 24th. The board previously approved offering 15 early separation packages.

Nelson requested board members look through the Board Operations Manual and be prepared to discuss necessary updates and board focus points at the September 24th work session. The manual will be approved and signed by board members during the annual meeting on September 24th.

Board members thanked those involved in promoting the bond vote, feedback received from constituents, and shared that all votes are important and necessary.

The board will host their next meeting on Monday, September 24th at 5:00 PM in the boardroom of the Learning Resource Center. To view the full agenda and exhibits, visit the Board/Policy website.