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Stadium Seating Changes

Fall sports and activities are in full swing and we are already more than halfway thru the season so I just wanted to remind everyone about our school policies and expectations when attending school-sponsored events.

Obviously, we want as many of you to attend as possible to support your fellow classmates and friends!

Please remember to be positive and to cheer for OUR team!
When attending the stadium for a home football game ALL 7th-12th grade students are expected to be in their respective student sections.

We have made a few slight changes in order to help manage the event effectively and efficiently but more importantly to keep the environment safe and fun!

We have added an extra section for high school so we can spread out a little bit more and allow more high school students to attend. We have moved the Middle School lower level sections to the top SW corner above the high school sections.

You are all expected to be in the student section during the game- if you are not then you are either going to/from the restroom or to/from concessions.

Absolutely NO gathering in large groups under the bleachers or blocking the walkways near or around the concessions or in the bleachers. If we have to remind you more than once then you will be asked to leave the school campus.
We will have extra security and administrators on hand to help monitor and direct the crowd and flow of traffic.

When the game is over we ask that you leave as soon as possible. If you are waiting for a ride then call ahead and have them there ready for you.

We want you all to have fun and create positive memories at these high school events but we also want you there to cheer on the teams, the band, the color guard, cheerleaders, and the dance teams.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.


Tonya Moe

HS Athletic Director