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Wilkins Leader Day 2023

Student leaders were chalk-the-walk designers, emcees, panelists, performers, tech support, and building tour guides as they welcomed parents and guests to the second annual Leader Day at Wilkins Elementary.

Leader In Me emcees“Luau” was the theme for this year’s event. It began as an assembly in the gym led by students, with a little help from principal Amanda Potter.

Leader Day 2023 Wilkins Principal Amanda PotterLinn mar wilkins horizontal 2 line 2c

Entertainment during the assembly included music from the Wilkins chorus and a performance by the high school’s Step Team.WE Leader Day Step Team

The assembly was followed by breakout sessions in the lunchroom and the library.

In the library, the guests met with members of the Student Lighthouse Panel. It’s a group of students who apply for and go through an interview process for the position. They meet regularly to share their innovative ideas for the school.

Leader In Me Tech Support

The Leader in Me program gives students the confidence that everyone can be a leader. The program aligns with Character Education, 21st Century Skills, Whole Child Development, and other various student development paradigms.

It supports staff and students as they:
Understand and manage emotions
Set and achieve positive goals
Feel and show empathy for others
Establish and maintain positive relationships

Leader in Me teaches foundational principles and skills that are widely accepted as essential to personal leadership such as responsibility, vision, time management, communication, collaboration, relationship building, and wellness, in order to serve all students in all communities.