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Westfield  Elementary

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NWEA Measures of Academic Progress Assessment

Three times a year (Fall, Winter, and Spring), Westfield students (2nd – 5th) are assessed in reading and math by using the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress assessment tool. Once tested, students are given a score (RIT) that determines their level of proficiency in each subject area. Click here to see the NWEA National RIT Norms. Each RIT score is associated with specific skills.

Each of the assess areas are divided into content skills:

  • Math Skills: Algebra, Data Analysis and Probability, Geometry and Measurement, and Numbers and Operations
  • Reading Skills: Comprehend and Interpret Literature, Comprehend Nonfiction and Informational text, Understand Letters, Words, and Vocabulary Strategies

You may find out more information about the NWEA Assessment through NWEA’s Parent Toolkit