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School Board Meeting – July 18th

The LMCSD School Board will host their next meeting on Monday, July 18th at 5:00 PM in the boardroom of the Learning Resource Center (2999 N 10th St, Marion). Agendas and exhibits are posted by 5:00 PM the Friday prior to each board meeting.

Click here to visit the School Board & Policy Info website for more information and to view the meeting agendas/exhibits, minutes, and more.

Audience Attendance Options:

YouTube Livestream: A link will be posted by 5:00 PM the Friday prior to the meeting.

In-Person Attendance: If you wish to attend in-person, please park at the north end of the LRC and enter through the door under the metal awning. The boardroom is the first door on the left after entering the building.

Audience Communications During Regular Meetings: 

Please note, beginning with the February 7th board meeting, anyone who wishes to speak during audience communications will need to sign in upon arrival at the table just inside the boardroom doors. The sign in sheet will request full name, relationship to district (ex: parent, resident, etc.), and topic of communication. The board president will use this list to call each speaker up to the podium in the order of sign in.

Please note the following procedures regarding audience communications based on School Board Policy 204.9:

  • Remarks can only be presented during regular meetings, not during work sessions/special sessions.
  • Remarks are limited to three (3) minutes per speaker and should be shared in a respectful manner.
  • Board members will receive audience remarks, but will not engage in dialogue due to the set agenda.

Click here for additional information/procedures on audience participation during regular board meetings.