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Summer Opportunities – Middle School

As you look forward to summer, you may want to consider some enrichment opportunities for your learner. Here are a few of which we are aware.

Grant Wood AEA’s College for Kids

Registration typically begins in early March.

College for Kids

Kirkwood Kick Interactive Camps for Kids

These classes are for all students entering grades 5-9. They have a HUGE variety of classes to choose from. If not yet, information will soon be posted on their website.

KICK: Kirkwood Interactive Camps for Kids

Belin Blank Summer Programs at the University of Iowa

BLAST (formerly ChESS)

Students who are currently in grades 2-6 may attend BLAST, an academic commuter program for members of the Belin-Blank Exceptional Student Talent Search (BESTS). These half day classes are held on the University of Iowa campus.

University of Iowa: Belin Blank Summer

JSI: Junior Scholars Institute

Students who are currently in grades 6-8 may nominate themselves for the Junior Scholars Institute, a one-week residential summer academic program at The University of Iowa . Students take a single advanced level course for the entire week.

University of Iowa: Belin Blank Summer

BSI: Blank Summer Institute

The Blank Summer Institute for the Arts & Sciences is a one-week residential summer program held at The U of I Iowa for gifted students who are currently in grades 7 & 8. The Institute provides exceptionally talented students with an intensive and advanced educational experience designed to enhance their intellectual and social growth. See your middle school teacher if you would like to be considered for this as there are a limited number of nominations from each school.

University of Iowa: Belin Blank Summer

Iowa State OPPTAG Summer Programs


Students entering grades 8-10 this will appeal to you if you are intrigued by discovering new and exciting areas of study not traditionally taught in the school curriculum. Each one-week voyage will offer you an enriched learning experience, introduce you to cutting-edge concepts within a topic area, be student focused, and immerse you in activities and laboratories designed to stimulate your thinking skills and encourage you to continue your personal adventure in learning.


Students entering grades 3-7 this program will give younger students the opportunity to explore the worlds of science, math, art, literature, readings, and engineering in the company of qualified instructors and fellow gifted students. OPPTAG strives to offer challenging academic experiences that incorporate hands-on experimentation and provide students with experiences not found in the traditional classroom.

Iowa State Opptag

Theatre Cedar Rapids

Offers year round programs for students interesting in honing drama skills.

Theatre Cedar Rapids: Get Educated