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PowerSchool 101

Here is a very basic tutorial for a few functions within PowerSchool.

The red arrows indicate the path to use for the new e-registration process for students already in PowerSchool. Log into PowerSchool, click on forms, then go to the Enrollment tab and start with the top form. Please read each form carefully, as there are some areas where external resources are referenced.

The areas highlited in yellow allow you to manage your contacts.

The purple area will show you the login information for your student.

The aqua colored area is where you go to pay fees.

You may log into PowerSchool using this link –

To enter students that are brand new to the district, use this one –

If your student was previously enrolled, or if you have already turned in completed paperwork, DO NOT use the form above. Your student should already be in PowerSchool.

Other various forms and information can be found here –