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Oak Ridge  Middle School

Clubs & Activities

We will start running the activity bus on Monday, September 13th.


  • The Activity Bus will run on Mondays and Thursdays only.
  • The Activity bus will provide transportation home for students who stay for after school activities.
  • The Activity bus has a limited number of stops, so students will need to locate a stop closest to their home and walk from there.
  • Students staying after school for athletics may not ride the activity bus.
  • Drop off times listed are approximate and will vary due to numbers of riders and if the bus needs to go to each stop.


Activity Bus Stops 2021-2022

Mondays and Thursdays

Stop #       Approximate drop                         Stop Location

                   off time

1 3:55 pm Depart from Oak Ridge
2 3:59 pm East Knoll Drive and Evergreen Lane


3 4:03 pm Westfield Elementary Driveway


4 4:08 pm 71st Street NE and White Ivy Place NE West End


5 4:12 pm Creekside Drive NE and Rolling Creek Drive NE


6 4:16 pm Bowman Woods Elementary (Driveway)


7 4:19 pm Brentwood Drive NE and Devonshire Drive NE


8 4:21 pm Ashton Place NE (by Valleyview Apartments)


9 4:24 pm Greenfield Street NE and Oakwood Avenue NE


10 4:26 pm Grand Reserve Apartments/ Rockwell Drive NE

(by offices)

11 4:31 pm Cedar Rapids Bowling Center Parking Lot


12 4:35 pm Lindale Drive and West 9th Avenue


13 4:37 pm Lindale Drive and Manor Drive

(Lindale Manor Mobile Home Court)

14 4:40 pm Longview Drive and Ridge Drive


15 4:43 pm 4821 Tama Street

(driveway across from Bridgit Lane)


For all of this information, a map of the bus stops, and other information on the counseling website, please go to: