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High School Energy Usage

led wall light

Linn-Mar parking lots use energy-saving LED lighting.

Linn-Mar High School is a 9-12, 315,478 square foot building made up of ten different additions. It has approximately 2078 students and 212 staff.

The building is primarily heated and cooled using natural gas boiler systems with chillers for cooling with various other systems supplementing the conditioning in the interior environment.

School water heating is natural gas. It is part of the main Linn-Mar campus electric system.

Energy Usage

high school dishwasher

Linn-Mar High School’s high efficiency dishwasher with booster water heater

Natural Gas (Therms): FY2009 – 172,089; FY2010 – 177,499; FY2011 – 153,125; FY2012 – 139,137; FY2013 – 158,887: FY2014 – 166,427; FY2015 – 153,884; FY2016 – 160,991; FY2017 – 145,568

Electricity (kWh): Electricity usage is part of the Campus electricity usage.


  • Energy Audit – Alliant through Michaels Engineering


  • LED lighting in parking lots
  • Window replacement program
  • Replace metal halide lighting to fluorescent in gymnasiums
  • Replaced hallway lighting with energy efficient fluorescent
  • High Efficiency Dishwasher with Booster Water Heater
  • High Efficiency Pot Scrubber with Booster Water Heater
  • Replaced switch gear in west equipment area
  • LED Lighting Packs in Stadium