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Due to the forecasted weather, all after school and evening activities at Linn-Mar will be canceled/postponed.

Linn-Mar  High School


Having computer issues with your school computer?

Stop by the technology desk in the learning center to receive assistance with your school-issued device. All computer issues are handled at the technology desk in the learning center.

The Vision of Teaching and Learning Regarding 1:1

The innovative, thoughtful use of technology is critically important to achieving District goals to Inspire Learning, Unlock Potential, and Empower Achievement.


At the start of the school year, students enrolled at Linn-Mar High School (LMHS) will be provided a school-issued computer at the beginning of each school year to use on academic coursework. This 1:1 initiative gives students the technological means to access information to achieve District goals to Inspire Learning, Unlock Potential, and Empower Achievement.

At the beginning of each year in high school, each student will receive the following:

1x HP laptop computer

1x HP power cord & adapter

student laptop


The school-issued computer and power cord & adapter you are being provided belong to and are the property of Linn-Mar Community School District (LMCSD).

Please read through the Device Usage Agreement to learn more about the district’s policies on the computer that you are assigned.


All school-issued computers will be distributed, typically during Homeroom, at the beginning of each school year.  Students who start at LMHS during the school year will be provided a school-issued computer at the start of their first attendance day.

Devices will be marked with a barcoded LMCSD Asset tag and a Student Name tag for identifying purposes. These tags are not to be removed, altered or covered in part or whole.


School-Issued Computers and accessories will be returned at the end of the school year to the High School Technology Desk. Students who graduate early, withdraw from school, are expelled or otherwise terminate enrollment at LMHS must return the school-issued computer and accessories by their last day at LMHS. LMHS may also request collection of the computer and accessories at any time.

If a student fails to return the computer and accessories at any of the requested times the student will be fined the full replacement cost for the computer and accessories and may result in the District filing a police report for theft.

Student Responsibility & Usage

It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that they bring their device to school each day fully charged and in working condition.  A computer not working properly is to be taken to the building    Technology Help Desk located in the LMHS Learning Center. A limited number of “loaner” computers will be available, although not guaranteed, for computers turned in for repair only.  Students forgetting to bring the computer to class or losing a computer will not be issued a loaner computer.

School-issued computers are intended for educational use only. Students will understand and abide by the Linn-Mar Board Policies:   Technology and Instructional Materials Policy, 603.1; Digital Communication Policy, 603.13; Copyright Compliance Policy, 603.14, and Fines, Fees & Charges Policy, 505.3.

The LMCSD staff retains the right to collect and/or inspect the school-issued computer at any time,      including via electronic remote access; and to alter, add, or delete installed software or hardware.  LMCSD filtering software will be installed to block websites deemed inappropriate for student use on the Internet. Students who access inappropriate sites, attempt to circumvent the security policies on the computer or damage the computer (either through gross negligence or intentionally) will be subject to disciplinary action.

Parent requesting device stay at school

In the instance where a parent requests that a device stays at school, they must fill out a device storage request form and submit the form to the main office. Upon administrator approval and available storage space, the student will bring the computer and charger to the building Technology Help Desk in the Learning Center.  The computer and charger will be stored at the Technology Help Desk and will be available for the student to pick up each day before their first class. The computer will need to be returned to the Technology Help Desk by 3:45 p.m. each afternoon.

Care of the School-Issued Computer

Responsibility for Damage

The student is responsible for maintaining a 100% working computer at all times. The student shall use reasonable care to ensure the computer and accessories are not damaged. In the event of damage, the device will be evaluated by the district IT department to determine if there is a cost for the repair of the computer. The cost of the repair will be billed to the student according to the following cost estimate provided by the district IT department:

Replacement cost estimates:

The Student is responsible for maintaining a 100% working Device at all times. The Student shall use reasonable care to ensure that the Device is not damaged. In the event of damage not covered by the warranty, the Student and Parent will be billed a fine according to the  following schedule:

  • First incident – up to $50
  • Second incident – up to $100
  • Third incident – up to full cost of repair or replacement

The District reserves the right to charge the Student and Parent the full cost for repair or replacement when damage occurs due to gross negligence as determined by administration.

Examples of gross negligence include, but are not limited to:

In the event the device and/or accessories are lost or stolen, the student will be billed the full cost of replacement for the computer and/or accessories.  The student must report device damage or loss immediately to the building Technology Help Desk.  If the device is stolen or vandalized, the parent or guardian must fill out a police report for the stolen device and accessories within 48 hours of the incident.  A copy of the police report must be provided to the school.  The LMCSD does not provide any warranty for lost, stolen, or damaged computers.

Technology Help Desk:  Loaner Computers

If a computer is unable to function properly, students may borrow a loaner computer from the Technology Help Desk while the computer is being repaired. There is no guarantee of the availability of loaner computers. The agreement & permissions remain in effect for the loaner computer.  Students may not keep broken technology and may not avoid using technology due to damage or loss.

SMART usage

Passcode/Lock Screen/Wallpaper Photos

When the computer is not in use it should be either Shut Down, in Sleep, Hibernate, or Locked mode. Using the Windows key and L will lock the computer.

Inappropriate media may not be used for wallpaper/screen.

Images of guns, weapons, pornographic materials, sexual material, inappropriate language, alcohol, drug, gang-related symbols, or photos may result in disciplinary action.


District-issued software will either be preloaded on the device or accessible through the Software Center App, located on the computer. Students must receive permission prior to installing any software or application not provided by the district.  The student is solely responsible for any permitted, non-district installed software or application, and for any data stored on the device. The district provides a means for backup through Office OneDrive along with directions. The district does not accept responsibility for any software, applications, or data the student stores on the device.

The installation and/or use of any Internet-based file-sharing tools is explicitly prohibited.  File-sharing programs and protocols may not be used to facilitate the sharing of copyrighted material (music, video, games, and images).  Sites offering torrents or any other medium that shares unlicensed content is strictly prohibited.


Students may not record or photograph any person without first obtaining explicitly expressed consent. The use of the camera is strictly prohibited in locker rooms and restrooms. The academic purpose of any images and recordings must be evident and clear. Any media used without permission to capture images from an assessment and/or share an assessment with others is considered academic dishonesty.


Students should be mindful of the need to print and are encouraged to use digital content instead of printing. Students will have access to print through the Linn-Mar Network. Printer Stations are located throughout the school. Students will use their Student ID to access printed material. A record of printing will be kept by LMCSD.

Network/Wireless Connectivity

Wireless access is available at school.

The school-issued computers are able to access wireless points outside of the LMHS campus. Various businesses have available public access points that can be used.

In the event that a Wireless Hotspot is necessary a limited number are available for checkout through the Technology Help Desk.

Wireless access off campus will still use the district filter service.

Device Care

  • Students are responsible for the safe and proper care of the school-issued computer and accessories.
  • Treat this equipment with as much care as you would your own property.
  • Do not remove or change the physical structure of the Device, including the keyboard, screen cover, plastic casing or power adapter.
  • Do not remove or interfere with the serial number or any identification placed on the computer or power adapter.
  • Keep the equipment clean. Do not eat or drink near the computer.
  • Clean the computer screen with a clean, soft, microfiber cloth. Never use rubbing alcohol or any other cleanser to clean the surface of the computer or power adapter.
  • Never push or force any cables/adapters into a wall port or into the computer.
  • Never store the computer in areas of extreme heat or cold, direct sunlight, or moisture.
  • Do not lean on top of the computer when the case is closed.
  • Do not place anything on top of the screen that could put pressure on the screen.
  • Close the lid of the computer when it is not in use, in order to save battery life and protect the screen.
  • NEVER walk from one location to another with an open computer either at school or at home.
  • Back up your data. Never consider any electronic information safe when stored on the computer hard drive.

 Information provided here is a copy of the information provided in the student handbook. If there is any discrepancy between this text and the text in the student handbook, the student handbook takes precedence.