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Linn-Mar  High School

Silver Cords

At Linn-Mar, teaching our students the value of giving back to their community is important. One way that we encourage students to give back is through volunteering.

There are many great reasons for our high school students to build their character through volunteerism. First and foremost is that volunteering has a profound impact on others. Our students can also meet new people and enrich their own lives. But another great reason for students to volunteer is that when it comes to college applications, colleges want to see well-rounded students with many interests and experiences. And volunteering is the biggest activity that most students are missing. Volunteering while in high school can strengthen that college application. Committing to a volunteer program can really help a student stand out to a college. It can also help students become eligible for scholarship money for college.

Linn-Mar’s students have the opportunity to participate in the Silver Cords program. This program recognizes our graduating students who have volunteered at least 160 hours of service for the Linn-Mar Community Schools District during their four years at LMHS. Recipients of this honor receive a silver cord to be worn during the graduation ceremony.

Interested in Participating in Silver Cords?

Students interested in participating in the Silver Cords program should contact the program director, Amanda Kloser, by email or phone, (319) 447-3608, at LMHS for more information.

Have a Volunteer Opportunity?

We are always looking for district volunteering opportunities that will help our LMHS students achieve this goal. If you have an appropriate volunteering opportunity for students within the Linn-Mar Community School District, please let us know.

Submitting Cords Hours

Cords hours can be submitted online using this link.

To check the hours you have submitted, please use this link.

Cords FAQ

What is Cords?

The Cords program is an effort to recognize volunteer efforts that benefit programs throughout the Linn-Mar district.

How many hours are required to earn a cord?

Students must accumulate at least 160 hours of volunteer service during their time at LMHS to receive a cord. There is no yearly requirement.

What will I receive when I pass 160 hours?

In May of your graduating year, you will receive a silver cord to be worn at graduation.

Why participate in Cords?

The number one reason to participate in Cords is to benefit Linn-Mar. The efforts of volunteers are essential to the success of programs all over the district – elementary schools, middle schools, and the high school.

What activities count?

Anything within the Linn-Mar district counts. Volunteering at a hospital, animal shelter, or church, for example, while fantastic and worthwhile activities, do not count for Cords.

How are Cords hours recorded?

Students can pick up Cords cards in Ms. Kloser’s room. Once a card is filled out and signed, students then turn the card back into Ms. Kloser, who keeps track of all hours.

Cords hours can be submitted online using this link.

To check the hours you have submitted, please use this link.

What are my responsibilities?

You are responsible for getting your cards filled out and signed. It is also encouraged that you keep track of your own hours in order to guarantee that records are correct. Please do not rely on anyone else to turn in cards for you – it is your responsibility!

How can I find out about Cords opportunities?

While students are encouraged to find as many volunteer opportunities on their own as possible, there are a couple of ways to discover new ways to help. A “Cords Alert” is often part of the LMTV broadcast every morning at the start of 1st Block/1st Period. You can also follow @lmhscords on Twitter.

Who do I talk to if I have any questions?

See Ms. Kloser with any questions you may have. She can be reached via email and is eager to answer whatever questions you may have!