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Linn-Mar  High School

Linn-Mar Stadium

3333 North 10th Street, Marion, IA 52302

  • We will only open the West Side of the Stadium (5,000 seats) for all events except for sophomore/varsity football games so please plan accordingly when it comes to parking, paying admission, etc.
  • Only coaches, athletes, emergency personnel and administration are allowed down on track and field areas.
  • Media must seek approval from Linn-Mar Administration and be given an access pass.
  • At no time should parents or other spectators be in the track and field turf area.
  • All teams, coaches, officials will enter at the NE Gate.
  • Please throw away your trash and recycle while you are at the stadium. Remind your friends to do the same!


Parking Map

  • Additional Parking at Excelsior Middle School and Indian Creek Elementary School.
  • Cars will be asked to move if parked in an inappropriate area. If not moved they will be issued a ticket and/or towed.
  • Please plan to park appropriately and to allow for extra walking time to the stadium.

Parent Supervision of Elementary/Intermediate Students at Home Games:

The Linn-Mar Stadium has 5,000 seats on the home side! That means there is enough seating to handle our crowds so we expect our students to stay in the stands and watch the game.

Some of our students prefer to congregate under the stands, which encourages horseplay and other types of inappropriate behavior that is unsafe. Students must stay in the stands unless they are going to the concession stand or restroom. We need parents to discourage students from loitering beneath the bleachers. Nobody will be allowed on the grassy hillside behind the South end zone, either.

Supervisors will monitor these areas and direct students to return to the stands if they are just milling about. Students who are uncooperative will be asked to leave. If asked to leave, students will be banned from future game(s).


There will be separate designated areas for Linn-Mar High School students, the band and Middle School students (7th-8th). These sections are all located in the lower level. All elementary/intermediate students (K-6th) should be sitting with or in the vicinity of their parents. Please do not just let your children run around unattended or drop them off at stadium without an adult.

Please leave the stadium immediately following the game. No loitering around afterwards. Appreciate everyone’s

May purchase tickets ahead of time to avoid waiting in line by clicking here.

Most importantly, we encourage all our adults & students to be positive fans watching the game and cheering on our teams
from the stands. Any inappropriate behavior will be addressed and you may be asked to leave.

Thank you in advance for your support of our programs.       GO LIONS!!!!!!

Linn-Mar Stadium Expectations for Parents and Students-Letter

Stadium Turf Guidelines:

Approved Activities Include:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Physical Education
  • Marching Band

Athletics such as shot put, hammer throw and discuss can be occasionally performed with the landing zone outside the playing area. This practice is not recommended.

To ensure optimum performance of your Field Turf field the manufacturer recommends that repetitive training drills and activities be rotated to prevent continuous wear at a single location.

Your Field Turf field should be kept free from:

  • Food
  • Gum
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Glass
  • Cigarettes
  • Fireworks
  • Driving stakes
  • Any sharp objects that will risk damage to the field and injury to players

The field should also be kept free from debris, leaves, paper and windblown material. It is imperative that your Field Turf field be a designated non-smoking area. Unauthorized maintenance equipment and personnel should be prohibited.

Field Turf supplies its clients with customized field signs (with your organization’s logo) to hang at the entrance of the field and around the perimeter in order to clearly demonstrate the major prohibitions on Field Turf.

Routine Maintenance:

  • Removal of Weeds and Moss
  • Removal of Stains
    • Oil Stains – Field Turf Scrub must be used
    • Bodily Fluids – Field Turf Scrub is formulated to remove bodily fluids (blood, vomit) from the synthetic turf surface. No bleach should be used on the Field Turf.

Maintaining the Infill:

Intensive and repetitive use of certain area of the field may cause material to be displaced from time to time. Properly maintaining the infill on your field is important and directly affects playability. Rubber infill will need to be added to these high use areas as needed. These specific areas on the field should be inspected regularly to ensure proper infill height.

These high usage areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Penalty shot spots
  • Center spots
  • Corner kick areas
  • Extra point kick areas
  • Marching Band Patterns

With Field Turf, the uniformity of the infill can be maintained, by agitating the exposed fibers with a garden rake, and then brushing the infill into the fibers. The top of the infill should be ¾” below the tips of the fibers.

Shoe Cleaning:

Cleaning mud and dirt from cleated shoes with the use of Field Turf brushes placed near the field will prevent soiling and staining of the field surface. Cleaning brushes should not be placed directly on the Field Turf surface.

Cleaning Products:

Field Turf Scrub is a powerful industrial cleaner and conditioner designed for the Field Turf surface. No other product should be use without permission from the Maintenance Department. For gum removal, Field Turf Gum Remover is an effective biodegradable solvent formulated for the removal of gum, tar and adhesives.

Vehicle Circulation:

Field Turf is designed to accommodate limited vehicle loads without causing damage to the field surface. The following conditions and recommendations should be followed:

  • All machines being used on the field are not leaking fluids (oil, gas or transmission fluid).
  • Field Turf is designed for a maximum load-bearing capacity of 70 pounds per square inch.
  • Only vehicles equipped with pneumatic tires should be allowed on the field surface.
  • Turning of vehicles should only be done in a wide radius.
  • Turning of vehicles should only be done when the vehicle is in forward motion.
  • All vehicles should circulate at slow speeds at all times.
  • Abrupt and sudden braking must be avoided.
  • Vehicle wheels should be clean at all times to prevent mud or dirt from being deposited on the field surface.