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Linn-Mar  High School

AP – Advanced Placement

College Credit for High School

Do you want to get a head-start on college? Are these some courses that you wish you could take to challenge yourself or expand your awareness? Students at Linn-Mar have the opportunity to earn college credit while attending high school. Linn-Mar offers four programs that many students have found advantageous in obtaining both high school and college credit.

Advanced Placement Courses

Linn-Mar High School offers a variety of AP courses: AP English, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP European History, AP U.S. History, AP Calculus, and AP Psychology. Advanced Placement exams are available for students enrolled in AP courses and fourth year foreign language. A few students even prepare for AP tests in subject areas they have not formally studied. The tests are given at Linn-Mar during a two-week period in May. Students who score well enough on the tests may be exempted from, or given credit for, corresponding courses at a college of their choice. The individual college should be contacted for further information.

AP courses are weighted towards grade point calculation using the following scale: A+(5.0), A(5.0), A-(4.67), B+(4.33), B(4.0), B-(3.67), C+(3.33), C(3.0), C-(2.67), D+(2.33), D(2.0), D-(1.67).

Course descriptions can be found in the Program of Studies booklet.

AP Test Prep books can be checked out from the Linn-Mar High School Library.

 Career Edge

Career Edge is an opportunity to explore high demand careers while earning both high school and college credit. Linn-Mar and other area high school have teamed up with Kirkwood Community College to create several courses that will help students explore careers, develop new skills and gain insights into today’s workplace and high paying career fields. Courses are listed under their “Career Academy” and can be found in the “Program of Studies” booklet and at


  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Agriscience
  • Automotive Technology
  • Computer Programming
  • Education & Human Services
  • Engineering & Engineering Technology
  • Graphics and Media Communications
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Systems Management
  • Local Area Networking

See your counselor for assistance in enrolling in a career edge class.

Articulated Courses

Articulation with Kirkwood Community College allows students to earn community college credit in an “applied science program” for certain high school courses. By achieving these competencies at Linn-Mar, a student can be well on their way to receiving college credit! Upon student request, once the competencies have been met, an “Articulation Validation” form is completed by the instructor and sent to Kirkwood Community College. Most articulated Linn-Mar courses will count as an introductory course in a chosen field of study or as an elective.

The following courses at Linn-Mar are articulated with Kirkwood Community College

Linn-Mar Course

Kirkwood Course

Accounting Accounting Concepts
Sales & Marketing Principles of Selling
Computer Applications I Keyboarding/Word Processing I
Computer Applications II Word Processing II
Computer Applications I, II, II & Intro to Media Computer Business Applications
MOC Internship Business Internship
Child Development I & II Child Development
Botany & Horticulture Intro to Horticulture or Intro to Agribusiness
Mechanical Drawing I, II & Architectural Drawing I, II Architectural Plans or Architectural Drafting or Mechanical Drafting I
Construction I, II & Building Trades Construction Technology

You may see your instructor or counselor for additional information or visit their website.

Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)

How about attending college while in high school? During the 2003-04 school year, Linn-Mar had over 80 students scheduled to take over 130 post-secondary classes at either Mt. Mercy, Coe, or Kirkwood. Students may enroll in college courses under the following provisions:

  • Post-Secondary enrollment option is intended for 11th & 12th grade students.
  • A chosen course may not replace graduation requirements.
  • The school district will pay up to $250 for tuition and related course fees. Institutions who have agreed to accept PSEO students have agreed not to charge over $250 per course. Texts are provided by the colleges.
  • A student must complete the course with a passing grade in order for the school district to pay for the course.
  • The post-secondary course must be one of which a comparable choice is not available at Linn-Mar.
  • The course must be taken during the regular school year. Courses taken during the summer do not qualify for PSEO.
  • Students must maintain a minimum course load of 35 hours for Juniors, and 30 hours for Seniors per semester.
  • Students completing courses through PSEO are beginning their college transcript. It is the student’s obligation to inform any new colleges they attend of their PSEO course work.

Additional information from Kirkwood can be found here.

Additional Information

Information regarding any of the above programs can be found through the TAG program at 447-3118 or from any of the counseling staff.