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Linn-Mar  High School


Graduation Requirements

Linn-Mar High School students are required to earn 250 credits in order to graduate. In addition, the following department requirements must be met in order to earn a diploma:

English- 40 credits

Must include English 9 or English I (10 credits each), English II (may opt out if pass English I with a 90% or higher grade), English III or Advanced English III, and one speech/acting course (5 credits).

Mathematics- 30 credits

Must include Algebra (10 credits) or Algebra Fundamentals I and Algebra Fundamentals II (20 credits). Students who successfully complete both semesters of

Algebra may not then take Algebra Fundamentals I or Algebra Fundamentals II to fulfill the Algebra or three year Math requirement.

Science- 30 credits

Must include General Biology (10 credits) or Fundamentals of Biology I and Fundamentals of Biology II (20 credits), a physical science course (Chemistry, Physics, or Earth and Physical Science) (10 credits). Ten elective credits may include the following technical offerings: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, Principles of Agricultural Science- Plant, Animal and Plant Biotechnology, Agriculture Research and Development, Principles of Agricultural Science- Animal, Natural Resources and Ecology, Food Science and Safety, and Aquaculture Science.

Social Studies- 30 credits

Must include U.S. History 9 (10 credits), U.S. History I (10 credits) or AP U.S. History (15 credits); World History (10 credits) or AP World History (15 credits); American  Government (5 credits) or AP U.S. Government (10 credits), and one social studies elective (5 credits).

Health/Fitness- 20 credits.

Must include Health I (5 credits).

Electives- 100 credits


Graduation Requirements Worksheet

Where to go for Academic Help

Level of support Description Parent information
 1 Teacher The teachers are the most knowledgeable individuals when it comes to course material. If you are having trouble understanding something in a class always go to the teacher for help first! Parents- Teachers are available via phone and email (can be found on the school website).
 2 Early Session From 8:00-8:25 each day teachers are in their rooms and available to help students. It is also a great time to make up tests and quizzes. If you miss a class, Early Session the next day is the perfect time to talk with the teacher about what you missed. Parents- School counselors can arrange an Early Session Schedule for students to follow just like their daily schedule.
3 Thursdays after school A homework help session is held each Thursday after school from 3:30-4:30 in the Learning Center. All students are welcomed! Teachers also periodically hold sessions to reteach certain lessons, study for tests, etc.  Parents- Please inform your student’s teacher(s) and/or school counselor if you would like them to stay after on Thursdays.
4 Tutor Student tutors for most core subjects are available in the Learning Center on a drop-in basis.

* Tutors are to be used in addition to teacher support. Tutors are not a replacement for support from teachers.

Parents- Because of limited numbers of tutors, we encourage that students use the three interventions listed above before a one-on-one tutor is assigned.

* Students are encouraged to progress through the levels of support in order. At any point, if one or more of the above interventions is not working do not hesitate to speak with your school counselor.


Schedule Change Policy

Students may drop or add a course without penalty before the following deadlines:

Add deadline-

*Block class- End of the 3rd day of new quarter

*Semester class- End of the 5th day of a new semester

Drop deadline-

*End of 4th week of new term (block classes)

*End of 8th week (semester classes)

Students need to talk to their school counselor about any schedule changes