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Linn-Mar  High School

Grading & Reporting

Calculating Course Grades

Course grades will be determined in the following manner:

  1. Defined proficiency scales for all course standards will be communicated to students in advance of teaching and measurement.
  2. Student proficiency on priority standards will be assessed relative to the level definition for each and recorded in PowerSchool as a number from 1 to 4 (called a scale score) or INC/NC (incomplete/no credit).
  3. Scale scores will be converted to a number on a scale of 0-100 for use in calculating the overall course grade. It is not appropriate to convert a 0-100 score or percentage in reverse to a scale score. Converted scores for distinct priority standards will be averaged to determine the final course grade.
  4. A final course letter grade will be assigned to each completed course using a traditional A, B, C, D, F grade scale (see page 9). This grade will be recorded for official use on student transcripts and permanent academic records.


Score Level Description
4 Exemplary Student shows in-depth inferences and application in class as taught by the teacher in addition to meeting the standard, such as explaining or demonstrating connections between ideas. Examples could include:  – real-world application – use of information to solve problems in a different context – demonstration of unique insight or complex understanding  – use of advanced analysis skills  – demonstration of creative application of skills
3.5 In addition to score 3.0 performance, in-depth inferences and application with partial success.
3 Proficient Student is able to independently use, apply, and/or demonstrates the standard but may include errors that don’t impact demonstration of the standard.
2.5 No major errors or omissions regarding 2.0 content and partial knowledge of the 3.0 content.
2 Approaching Student can demonstrate foundational processes of the standard.
1.5 No major errors or omissions regarding 1.0 content and partial knowledge of the 2.0 content.
1 Beginning  Student recalls vocabulary and/or understands simpler ideas, skills, and concepts.
INC/NC Incomplete No evidence demonstrating knowledge of the standard.


Scale Score  Traditional Score 
4 100
3.5 95
3 90
2.5 85
2 75
1.5 65
1 60


Traditional Score Range  Letter Grade 
99 – 100 A+
93 – 98 A
90 – 92 A-
87 – 89 B+
83 – 86 B
80 – 82 B-
77 – 79 C+
73 – 76 C
70 – 72 C-
67 – 69 D+
63 – 66 D
60 – 62 D-
INC or NC on any single Priority Standard INC

Student must earn a D- or higher for course credit. Student may not earn course credit if one or  more priority standards is INC or NC. Students with an unresolved INC grade 1calendar days past the end of a gradinterm will be awarded a mark of F (Fail). Advancement to the next level  course in a sequence is norecommended for students earning lower than a C-.

Process for Determine Course Grade

Scale Scores may be weighted.

Scale score to letter grade

When priority standard scale scores are determined by averaging data points, scale scores will be converted to the 100-point scale prior to averaging. Scores as converted will then be retained and used for any additional calculations.

Where supporting standards are used, gradebook entry will occur at the supporting standard level and automatically roll-up to calculated priority standard scores.

Grading Guidelines

Guideline 1:

Entries in the grade book that count towards the final grade will be limited to course or grade level standards. Students must have opportunity to achieve level 4 on any recorded score contributing to the course grade.

Guideline 2:

Students will be allowed multiple opportunities via assessment or remediation to demonstrate understanding of course standards. Students will be allowed opportunity to revise or reassess after demonstrating attention to relearning as necessary to meet the multiple opportunity requirement.

Guideline 3:

Teachers will determine grade book entries by considering multiple points of data emphasizing the most recent data (see page 10).

Guideline 4:

Students will be provided multiple opportunities to practice standards independently through homework or other class work. Practice assignments and activities will not be used in grade calculations.

Guideline 5:

Extra credit will not be given at any time.

Awarding Course Credit

Course credit will be determined using measures of student proficiency on defined course standards. Students achieving a scale score on all priority standards for the course at a level 1 or higher will earn course credit.