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Linn-Mar  High School

Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

2007 / 2008 2008 / 2009 2009 / 2010
Tom Gatto
Dale Lassen
Todd Lumsden
Paul Stoppels
Brent Thurness
Mark Botkin
Tom Busch
Glen Colton
Lisa Geske-Bluder
Deha Peyton-Miller
Ted Sheeley
Kyle Dettbarn
Scott Anderson
Mark Hutcheson
Hunter Skogman
2010 / 2011 2011 / 2012 2012 / 2013
Jerry Van Dyke
Karen Lucas-Sands
Mick Mulherin
Jeff Watts
Clark Weaver
Jay Borschel
Jeff Bouslog
Dave Hutchinson
Greg Purnell
Elaine Tatro
Andy Pantini
Charlie Kress
Bob Nielson
Christy Pickering-Sevening
Lisa Lombardo-Dutchik
Julie Campbell-Greath
Ken Elam
Bob Landis
Jason Bohannon
Liz Adams-Bergman
Hayley Fry
Heidi Landherr-Hydeman
Wendi Krejca-Neal
Vonya Olachnavitch-Witherspoon
Jim Dettbarn
Marc Gladson
Andy Hodge
2013 / 2014 2014 / 2015 2015 / 2016
Lindsey Digmann
John Kress
Jordan Printy
Scott Underwood
Arnold McCoy
Amy (Osenbaugh) Brinkmeyer
Brad Reid
Bob Carey
Erin (Strellner) Stanley
Maureen Corkery-Johnston
Jaye Hutcheson
Grant Gibbs
Robert Hoyt
Josh Dodds
Richard Burns
John Anderson
Matt McDonough
Patricia Martinson-Earley
Michael Brandt
Hannah Borschel-Schmidt
Pete King
Molly Edwards-Hoover
Rick Coles
Denise McCormick-Stapley
Jaime Printy-Brandt
Zach Bohannon
2016 / 2017 2017 / 2018 2018 / 2019
Wilbur & Shirley Baldwin
Vic Diercksen
Allison Schmidt
Julie Brockschink-Tadema
KP Lansing
Jason (Jake) Maloy
Mike Shipley
Travis Nelson
David Perry
Amy (Hanse) Kelley
Matthew Bohannon
Jessica Purdy
Andy Kuempel
Scott Bouslog
Brad George
 Hall of Fame will take place on Friday, January 11th, 2019 between the Varsity girls and boys basketball games vs Xavier.

Athletic Team Accomplishments- History at Linn-Mar 

Linn-Mar State Champions & All State Athletes

Linn-Mar Athletic Hall of Fame Criteria

  1. Athletes: Must be out of school six years or more and must have participated in athletics at Linn-Mar.
  2. Coach or Administrator: No longer coaching in that sport at Linn-Mar and/or no longer an administrator at Linn-Mar. Must be out of position for 6 years or more.
  3. Supporter of Linn-Mar Athletics: A person who helps promote & supports Linn-Mar athletics.
  4. State Championship Team: (starting in 2018-2019- a rotation to get all teams prior to 25 years out will be put in place.) State Champion teams who won 25 years ago will automatically be honored on their 25th anniversary.

These people will be selected annually by a joint committee made up of Linn-Mar Athletic Coaches and Linn-Mar Administration (current & retired). These people will be honored in the Fall or Winter on a date selected by the committee.

Parameters to Consider in Selection Process

  1. Selection Rules
  2. Number of selections will be determined by selection committee.
  3. Balance among sports
  4. Balance in time periods represented
  5. Accomplishments & Citizenship since leaving Linn-Mar
  6. Connections with Linn-Mar (relatives, etc.) – “Name recognition” by current L-MHS students.


To nominate an individual please submit a letter of recommendation with the nominees accomplishments, involvement and relationship to Linn-Mar High School. Please include nominees contact information. Nominations due by November 16th, 2018.
Send the letter of recommendation to:

David Brown
Athletic Director
Linn-Mar High School
3111 N. Tenth Street
Marion, Iowa 52302


** 2019 Hall of Fame Date will be Friday, January 11th, 2019. That will be a Varsity Girl/Boy DH vs CR Xavier. Induction Ceremony will take place between games.